The range of services related to refining of fabrics and finished products we offer is based on many years of experience. We have modern machines, thanks to which we execute orders on time, and the quality refining works is at the highest level. Our factory has been operating since 1988. Over the years, we have gathered a lot of experience and extensive industry know-how. Thanks to this, we are able to respond to market demand and to create new fashion trends.

Dyeing of fabrics and knitted fabrics

We are very flexible in terms of adjusting our services to the expectations of interested customers. We offer a number of services in the field of refining and dyeing of knitted fabrics. The decatising process ensures that the original dimensions of the clothes are retained even after repeated washing.

It is an important element in preparing the material for further processing. When dyeing knitted fabrics, we use various dyes and processes, thanks to which we give a new character to all clothes that we receive. We offer pigment, reactive and direct dyeing.

Fabric bleaching

Fabric dyeing is constantly very popular with customers. It allows for the customisation of the outfit by giving it an original and unique colours. Adding stronger, colourful accents to clothes has also been one of the leading trends for several years. Bleaching fabrics is as fashionable as dyeing. Today, this technique is used not only to restore the snowy whiteness of gray shirts, bedding or towels, but also to prepare extraordinary clothes. Using this technique, you can achieve the effect of light washing (some clothes will be discoloured) or you can use it to decorate shirts with blots or interesting patterns. However, carrying out this process on your own may damage the material, so it is worth using our fully safe services for bleaching fabrics and knitted fabrics.

Aging denim products

The processing and aging of denim products is an important branch of our activity. We use the latest technologies, thanks to which we achieve durable and attractive effects, such as an effect of worn fabric. In addition, we can give the denim material exceptional performance properties, such as water-resistant features. Our range of services covers:

Dyeing of finished products:

  • Direct dyeing of fabrics
  • Acid dyeing, metal complex dyeing of fabrics
  • Reactive and disperse dyeing of fabrics
  • Pigment dyeing of fabrics
  • Spray colouring of fabrics
  • The ombre effect – extraction and spray method
  • Denim dyeing

Natural fibres:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Viscose

Synthetic fibres:

  • Polyamide

Decatising of denim products:

  • Softening, enzymatic, ecological washing
  • Giving fabrics a grip, e.g. paper, silicone, etc.
  • Giving fabrics hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties
  • 3D effects
  • Aging denim products
  • Damages
  • Peach effect
  • Natural leather effect
  • Tapping
  • Water drop effect
  • Crushing
  • Washing out of finished products

figura taneczna

Selection of coloring techniques

tańcząca kobieta

Decatization of fabrics and knitted fabrics

kobieta w żółtej spódnicy

Dyeing of fabrics and knitted fabrics

siedząca na podłodze kobieta

Antique denim products

kobieta w białej sukni

Bleaching of fabrics and knitted fabrics


Refining fabrics and knitted fabrics


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