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szczęśliwa kobietaWe offer sandblasting of various types of fabrics. We cooperate with companies from the sector of small and medium enterprises from Łódź and the surrounding area.

Fabric sandblasting is a method of spraying small abrasive particles under high pressure onto the surface of the material, which allows you to obtain a fashionable effect of "washed" material. In addition, the particles smooth the material and clean it of factory impurities.

Thanks to the use of modern guns and chambers for sandblasting fabrics, we can guarantee the effect of even and aesthetic abrasions, without damaging the material. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the other
fabric refining services available in our offer. If you have any questions, we remain at your disposal.

Which fabrics are suitable for sandblasting?

Fabric sandblasting gives clothing and accessories a unique character - no wonder that "worn" clothes enjoy unflagging popularity among consumers around the world. Which fabrics will look good after sandblasting?

Although the most common material that is sandblasted is denim, there are many more possibilities. The only condition is the right thickness of the fabric: thin knitwear can rub too hard, which will lead to its damage. More durable fabrics such as corduroy, cotton or viscose can therefore be sandblasted.

We recommend fabric sandblasting services provided by our company. Thanks to extensive experience in the processing of textiles, we can provide the highest quality at very attractive prices.

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